About our blog

“Alors, on danse ! Francophone Music Videos” is a bilingual blog produced by Professor Ivette Romero and students of FREN 322: Seminar in Francophone Studies with the help of students of French. First proposed and managed by FREN 305: French Film and Literature, Fall 2020, this blog will continue to focus on music and topics of interest to Les Renards rouges (French at Marist) members and all those interested in the Francophone world.*

*[Former co-editors: Gregory “Grégoire” Beaudoi; Hi’ileiiikauatuahine “Hi’ilei” Amudson; Sophia O’Connor.]

The blog was first created with the idea of sharing a daily song to broaden our discussions of representations of identities in the Francophone world at large, but also to provide a much-needed distraction from our respective moments of confinement in these troubling times of COVID-19. Our posts will sometimes include lyrics and short commentary in English or French. Feel free to add your comments at the end of each post!

Since the concept first began with a discussion of Stromae’s “Tous les mêmes,” by Kaitlyn Wiehe, this was our inaugural post (merci, Kaitlyn). [The blog title—“Alors, on danse !—is also a wink to Stromae’s eponymous song (merci, Grégoire.]