Film: “Chevalier”

This week (April 21, 2023) is the release of the 2022 film Chevalier in the United States by Searchlight Pictures. Chevalier had its world premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2022. Based on a true historical character from the French Caribbean, composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, this film was directed by Jamaican Canadian filmmaker Stephen Williams.

Description: Inspired by the incredible true story of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges. The illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner, Bologne (Kelvin Harrison Jr. in a tour de force performance) rises to improbable heights in French society as a celebrated violinist-composer and fencer, complete with an ill-fated love affair and a falling out with Marie Antoinette (Lucy Boynton) and her court.

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Rating: PG-13 (Thematic Content|Suggestive Material|Some Strong Language|Violence)

Genre: Biography, History, Drama, Music

Original Language: English

DirectorStephen Williams

ProducerEd GuineyAndrew LoweDianne McGunigleStefani Robinson

WriterStefani Robinson

Release Date (Theaters): Apr 21, 2023

Runtime: 1h 47m

Distributor: Searchlight Pictures

Production Co: Stillking Films, Element Pictures, Searchlight Pictures

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

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An expert’s guide to Jean-Michel Basquiat…

Repeating Islands

[Many thanks to Veerle Poupeye (Critical.Caribbean.Art) for bringing this item to our attention.] “An expert’s guide to Jean-Michel Basquiat: four must-read books on the American artist” presents “All you ever wanted to know about Basquiat, from his best quotes to an ‘intimate insight’ from his family—selected by the curator Dieter Buchhart” for The Art Newspaper.

The American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat led a whirlwind existence, harnessing the urgency of street art and taking the 1980s New York art world by storm before his untimely death in 1988, aged just 27. Since then, his legend has grown while prices for his work have skyrocketed. He has been the subject of several major institutional shows recently, many of which have been curated by the Basquiat expertDieter Buchhart.The latest one,a look at Basquiat’s collaborations with Andy Warhol,opens at Paris’s Fondation Louis Vuitton this month. As well as recommending essays…

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Le BUMIDOM selon une approche interdisciplinaire

“Le BUMIDOM selon une approche interdisciplinaire” [The BUMIDOM in Interdisciplinary Perspectives] is a 2-day conference, with presentations in English and French, taking place on Thursday, June 22 and Friday, June 23, 2023, at the University of Liverpool. Registration is now open (until June 1, 2023).

Conférenciers invités : Audrey Célestine, H Adlai Murdoch, Jessica Oublié

Description : L’année 2023 marque le 60ème anniversaire de la création du BUMIDOM par le gouvernement français, donc il est temps de réfléchir sur les conséquences de ce programme d’émigration organisée. Le BUMIDOM (Bureau pour le développement des migrations dans les départements d’outre-mer) a facilité l’émigration de 160 000 travailleurs de la Martinique, de la Guadeloupe, de la Guyane et de la Réunion vers la métropole entre 1963 et 1982. Pour certains, l’émigration était une expérience positive qui contribuait à la promotion sociale, mais pour d’autres elle était synonyme de l’exploitation. La migration s’est souvent produite selon des critères genrés et raciaux car les responsables gouvernementaux ont puisé dans les stéréotypes sur les hommes et les femmes antillais, puis ont orienté les opportunités professionnelles autour de ces stéréotypes.

Aujourd’hui la discrimination raciale sévit encore en France (et ailleurs), et par conséquent il est d’autant plus important d’analyser ce cas particulier de racisme institutionnel et de réfléchir à ce que signifie être Noir et Français aujourd’hui. Le colloque réunira des universitaires et des artistes de diverses disciplines, y compris l’histoire, les études culturelles et les sciences politiques. Les conférenciers invités sont : Dr Audrey Célestine, Professeur H Adlai Murdoch, et Jessica Oublié. On aura l’occasion de visiter l’exposition ‘Leaving for the “Metropole”: An Odyssey of the Working-class’, organisée par Patrick Semiramoth et Willy Vainqueur et traduite en anglais par la Dr Antonia Wimbush.

À voir :, (en anglais) et (en français).

Arnold Antonin wins prize for « Ainsi parla la Mer » 

Bidler Nelson (for Rezo Nòdwes) recently announced that Haitian director Arnold Antonin won the Grand Prize at the 16th edition of Festival Terra—Festival du film de l’environnement et du développement durable de Guadeloupe [Environmental and Sustainable Development Film Festival of Guadeloupe]—for his 2020 film Ainsi parla la Mer [Thus Spoke the Sea].

The documentary film by Haitian director and producer Arnold Antonin, “Thus spoke the Sea,” received the Guadeloupe Environmental Film Grand Prize at the 16th edition of the Guadeloupe Environmental and Sustainable Development Film Festival (Festival Terra).

In a video posted on his Facebook account, the filmmaker, also known as Celestini Corbanese, thanked the jury and the organizers of the festival for this distinction, which he considers a comfort, despite the vulnerability of the country and its ecosystem.

Produced with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and UN-Environment, the documentary film “Ainsi parla la Mer” highlights the degradation of the sea in Haiti which, according to Arnold, has become “a vast trash dump” over the time.

At the same time, Antonin shows through this film that the sea has much to teach us. “[The sea] offers us enormous possibilities to live well and feed ourselves. However, with global warming and pollution, it is threatened by death.”

The documentary film “Ainsi parla la Mer” has already won several awards.

In September 2020, the film won the prize for best medium-length film at the 16th edition of the International Human Rights Film Festival in Bolivia, and two other international distinctions at the Vues d’Afrique Festival in Montreal in April 2021.

Post translated by Ivette Romero. For original article (in French), see