The refugees feeding a nation

Notre Séminaire d’études francophones (FREN 322) se concentre sur les histoires changeantes, la pluralité des idées et la diversité du monde francophone. « The refugees feeding a nation » —un film de Daisy Walsh, Tommy Chavannes et Jilla Dastmalchi—suit la migration des familles Hmong du Laos à la Guyane, et leurs contributions à l’économie guyanienne.

Description: After the Vietnam War, France relocated a small group of 45 Hmong refugees from Laos to its overseas territory in South America, called French Guiana.

The Hmong people were fleeing persecution from [Vietnamese] Communists, because they had been long-time allies of France and had fought alongside US forces.

Forty years later, French Guiana is now heavily reliant on the food that these refugees and their descendants grow in farms deep in the Amazon jungle. It’s said they are a true immigration success story, but this happy ending was not always guaranteed.

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